For Democratic County Central Committee, Assembly District 77

A little surreal to see your own name on the ballot. but nonetheless there it is.

I am running for our San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee in Assembly District 77. You may vote up to six (6) candidates, and I hope to earn your vote among those six choices in our upcoming March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary Election.

As an activist, I serve as Club President of San Diego Democrats for Equality — one of the largest Democratic Clubs in Southern California. I am also the Information Technology (IT) Chair of the Clairemont Democratic Club, and an active club member of the San Diego County Young Democrats and the San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action.

In our local community, I am President Emeritus of the Clairemont Town Council, and was elected to an unprecedented four terms as President. The Clairemont Town Council works to promote the civic, commercial, educational, and cultural activities of Clairemont — San Diego’s largest neighborhood home to over 80,000 residents.

Check out my candidate profile on Voter’s Edge.

Here are three priorities I believe our San Diego County Democratic Central Committee should work on:

  • Prioritize youth voter engagement, and elevate our young democrats within our state and local Democratic Party.
  • Ensure that diverse and underrepresented communities have a voice and a seat at the table within our state and local Democratic Party, and
  • Continue to elect candidates who are representative of the liberal and progressive values of our state and local Democratic Party.

Our San Diego County Democratic Party should work to elevate critical, progressive policy discussions, and we should ensure a greater equity of representation on our Central Committee. I believe it’s important that our Democratic Party looks, sounds, and empowers those voices who are underrepresented and/or do not currently have a seat at the table.

During my time on our County Central Committee, I am proud to have supported legislative resolutions supporting the right for employees to unionize, a minimum wage increase, increased environmental protections, increased funding for public transit, and automatic voter registration.

Since 2014, I have served on our San Diego County Democratic Central Committee as either an appointed member, an alternate, or as a designated member (my current status) by virtue of my election in our California Democratic Party’s ADEM elections. Currently, I serve as our state party’s Executive Board Representative for Assembly District 77.

It would be an honor to continue as a member of our local Central Committee, so that we can continue to build on those efforts.

I humbly ask for your vote on March 3rd, 2020.

For recommendations on the other five candidates, I am running as part of the UNITY Slate. These other incredible activists are worth considering, too.

Finally, a map of Assembly District 77 is below:



In California, we have it pretty lucky when it comes to voting.

We can change and update our voter registration online. We can easily apply for (and send in) an absentee ballot roughly a month before and through Election Day. Thanks to laws in California and a handful of other states, you practically have no excuse for not voting.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about our friends, families, and other eligible-to-vote Americans in states like Texas, Wisconsin, and South Carolina — actually, both Carolinas — so add North Carolina as well, among others.

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver takes a comical look — yet, eye-opening — at some of the more Draconian, anti-voting laws throughout the country.

Enjoy… and then do something about it!

A Personal Thank You Note…

ctc president farmers marketLast month, the CTC Board of Directors — in their infinite wisdom — surprised me with the “Iron Man Award” at our annual potluck dinner.

Totally caught off guard.

As our Historian notes, and as the award signifies — not just for my love of Disney and Marvel comic book characters — but starting 2016 as the longest-serving President of the Clairemont Town Council.

It is a milestone made all the more significant given the 60+ year history of CTC, and made all the more humble factoring in who previously held the record: Henry Ross, Jr. — who served from 1965-1969.

The last four years have flown by, and truth be told… I had no idea what to do when this started.

I can only appreciate and whole-heartedly thank  everyone who has served on our CTC Board over the last four years. Without their confidence, guidance, and ideas, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and certainly, this  opportunity would never have come to pass if it weren’t for them.

Many of you in the Clairemont community have e-mailed and told me over the years how much you appreciate my leadership skills and abilities, but I’ve learned about leadership from listening to all of you.

The ability to share our achievements and our skills with other communities throughout San Diego is made even more rewarding because we’ve done it here in Clairemont.

Without rambling too much longer, I just want you all to know how much this is appreciated.

Thank you. (smiley emoticon)

— Ryan.

ctc president history